Vehicle Management

Fastanet GPS Management solution very likely may be the most invaluable business tool that you are not yet using. Managing your drivers out on the road could be really troubling, tedious and almost futile task. You better believe that a manager in every vehicle will increase productivity and drastically reduce abuse of company policy and procedures

Outlined below are good reasons why investment in fleet management system is an option not to be delayed:

Fastanet GPS Tracking saves maintenance cost & Excessive Fuel Consumption:

A driver who knows he is being monitored will many times be more careful than the one who knows there is no monitor. This means careful driving and less wear and tear on the motor. Also averagely a vehicle travelling 10 km/h faster than the speed limit increases fuel consumption by 20%. Driving at 20 km/h over the speed limit increases consumption to 25%.

With fastatrackers fleet management software you can set a speed limit for your vehicles and any attempt to exceed it, by your drivers, the GPS management system will trigger an email alert to you.

Fastanet GPS Tracking Discourages Off Route Driving and Personal Business

Drivers going off route are major reason why your monthly expense on fuel is high. How much excessive fuel is spent daily on drivers who leave their scheduled routes? A vehicle that performs say for example, 5 km/l that is driven 50 km off route per day will cost you an additional N650:00 in fuel per day. This translates into N3250: 00 per week is the driver does it five times a week. This excludes the time spent by the driver in doing what he has gone off route to do. This is exactly a picture of what fleet GPS management system will help you to avoid and eliminate completely.

Remember our fleet management system will give you history of movements so even if you are not on sit the system keeps detailed route movement and activities for you to see.