Car Tracking

Car TWith increasing incident of robberies and kidnapping, both in town, villages and on national routes, it is important to be able to track your vehicles in real time and offer security and back up whenever it needs. As company, it is important to be able to provide a fast response to your clients in case of accidents.

To be able to control the vehicle remotely is very important as it allows frustrating every robbery and kidnapping attempts remotely. By this way, you as a company will not only provide much needed fast response but stop the vehicle from being stolen and lost. Knowledge of the exact location of the vehicle under this situation is key to alerting the police to take fast necessary actions.

Three important reasons why you need a car tracker are:

  1. To respond fast and effect quick recovery when stolen
  2. Discouraging reckless driving by your drivers and teenagers
  3. Knowing the location of your family members

The unique display of information from the GPS tracker makes fastatrackers versatile and the GPS solution software to beat. Our display platform displays with street names even in the sms message to your phone. You do not need to install any software to your computer just login to internet and with your password and username you are up and running just like the way you check your email. Again you can stop your car engine from any phone that can send sms once you have your username and password and the necessary code. You can equally view the location map with any smart phone or wap enabled phone.

Business value

You can take immediate action as you get an alert when an asset or vehicle is stolen or moved without permission. Tracking it in real time simplifies you recovering it and you can guide law enforcement vehicles to the stolen object.

You can save money by avoiding the vehicle being lost or damaged. Customers that are using this type of alerts report they feel more secure and they now have tool to quickly recover stolen property. Insurance companies may also offer you better terms when you can track your valuable assets.racking