About Us

Fastanet Ltd was established in October 2003 with the aim of providing quality professional services to end user businesses Our major area of operation is IT solutions, GPS Tracking, 3G security Camera, GPS Navigators and bulk sms. It became fully incorporated to operate as a limited liability company in 2008. Fastanet is a professional organization that is out to engage organizations in building mutually beneficial business relationship.

VISION: To become a globally known professional company providing up-to-date vital IT and high technology security solution that people will satisfactorily apply in the day to day operation of their business and every day life.

MISSION: With a sharp focus on our vision we aim to build shareholders value through motivated and result oriented workforce, innovation, commitment, excellent service delivery, cost effective superior products, and continuous improvement helping customer’s businesses grow.

Our range of business covers IT, GPS Tracking, Hybrid Satellite Tracking, 3G Camera, CCTV Camera, Home Alarm system and Bulk sms solution provider.

We have equally made and are still making some giant strides in the provision of professional IT solution to end users. We are one of the efficent bulk SMS solution provider in Nigeria. We have also invested in the most advanced and versatile Fleet management, vehicle and human GPS coding system. This has a comprehensive array of features that makes the job of transport managers less stressful and gives them instruments to measure the performance of their staff.

Our bulk SMS has helps you achieve the following:

Build up confidence level.

  • Customer has better confidence level to purchase your product / services
  • Customer has a sense of belonging and becomes committed and better partners.
  • Building a trust between customers and the company

Build awareness to public – SMS Branding

  • Put your company name as Sender ID to every SMS sent.
  • Let customer remember your company name always.

Provide convenience services to your customers

  • Deliver critical information to your customer via SMS Alert.
  • Integrate SMS feature into your existing system via API.

Motivate customer and employees.

  • Deliver motivation message to the employee.\
  • Deliver transaction message or account information to your customers.

Run mobile marketing / promotion campaign

  • Notify your customers about your new products or services.
  • Deliver birthday promotion voucher to customers.
  • Inform people about that your important events.
  • Let your electorate know about your laudable programs.