To become a globally known professional company providing up-to-date vital IT and high technology security solution that people will satisfactorily apply in the day to day operation of their business and every day life.

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With a sharp focus on our vision we aim to build shareholders value through motivated and result oriented workforce, innovation, commitment, excellent service delivery, cost effective superior products, and continuous improvement helping customer’s businesses grow.

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To affordably track your cars, vehicles and fleets, priceless possessions and property. Locate and monitor your assets, teen drivers and elderly family members.

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GPS Software – Fastanet Live GPS Tracking

To affordably track your cars, vehicles and fleets, priceless possessions and property. Locate and monitor your assets, teen drivers and elderly family members.


We offer the latest technology in GPS tracking solution; this involves the tracker itself and the tracking software, Fastatrackers.


With a GSM SIM card, you can use it wherever you want & no need to connect any wire, which is convenient and easy to install & use.


Fast recognition speed, highly accurate recognition rate, convenient to use, and trusted privacy protection. Its product design is compact and cost-effective, and offers intuitive management.


Our bulk messaging solution service is designed specially to send bulk sms, promotional & marketing text messages.


Wireless surveillance cameras for the home, office, or retail, as well as all other digital products with an inbuilt wifi module, may connect to a variety of devices with ease.


With programmed check-in and out, hotels can effectively secure and manage door access. We’ve a list of some of our favorite super-connected, super-secure electronic door locks to assist you.

What our Clients Say

Your merchandise and service have been great. Real-time reporting helps us track our trucks and know where they are in real time. Any program costs are more than compensated by the efficiencies we obtain from your tracking software. I've already recommended your product countless times.- MEMOSE International Limited
Fastanet Ltd (GPS Fastrack) rocks! Our older truck required a professional to install our tracker, but Brandon (our account consultant) was there every step of the way.From scheduling an installer to checking in less than a week later, they do it all. We appreciate the wonderful customer service and help. We'll always be Fastanet Ltd (GPS Fastrack) customers, and we appreciate how responsive our account consultant is. One of our drivers went from 20-40 hours of overtime to 5 this last paycheck. Saving money and time means greater business. We couldn't be happier about Fastanet Ltd (GPS Fastrack). Thanks!- DHL
The 60-day pilot used a small number of automobiles at our site. One of the pilot trucks is operated by a 24-7 maintenance crew that offers troubleshooting maintenance for our Manufacturing activities. GPS tracking data for this truck allowed us to redeploy a portion of the maintenance crew. Due to this redeployment and the savings from not adding new workers in the overused work group, we can claim a six month payback on our Phase 1 expenditure even before we made it.<br /> We plan to adopt GPS tracking technology in three phases at our sites, eventually covering our 400-vehicle fleet.- CCECC
Before GPS, our route drivers skipped accounts, shopped at convenience stores, turned back special orders because they were 'out of the area,' etc. Our drivers ruled. GPS prevented that. It's remarkable how much more effective you can be when you visit your accounts as promised, spend time delivering/selling merchandise rather to taking 1-hour lunches at employee homes, and can summon a driver who is just a mile from a customer in need. Fastanet Ltd (GPS Fastrack) is great.- HUAWEI
Please let me know if the GPS gadget is operating perfectly; I checked on my workers at 2 a.m. and then went back to sleep. My other GPS (from a competitor) is still operating, but yours is noticeably superior.- BLUE CHIP Communications Ltd
Thanks for troubleshooting our GPS units today. We were successful without knowing it. We appreciate your time and will keep investing in and promoting this technology. I hope we can collaborate again.- NIGER INSURANCE PLC.